Anticipating Spring on Serpent Lake

As we anticipate the spring thaw around Serpent Lake, we are getting anxious to put out docks and boats, clean up the lakeshore, and get ready to host family and friends on the water for fishing, skiing, and tubing. Our Lake Association will have the Curly Leaf Pondweed treatment contractor out there too, doing what we can to keep that threat at bay. Of course that involves expenditure from our Preservation Fund. We are very appreciative of the donors who have responded so far, but with only about $8500 received so far this year (compared to $15,000 last year), we are falling short of our goal to have one year of treatment costs in reserve. Since we did achieve this goal last year, please consider giving that amount again and we should be fine. The continued decline in water qualtiy plus the threat of invasive species demands that we replenish our Preservation Fund. It is our primary funding mechanism for treatment of invasive species, beneficial special projects, monitoring water quality, and supporting our grant obligations. We are hoping a more effective treatment formula being applied this spring will give us a better control of the beds in the future, but must plan for the following years as well. We’d like to encourage shore owners to let friends and family who also enjoy Serpent Lake amenities know about the need and to also ask them to consider a contribution of any size.

As the time for the annual meeting approaches, we are in need of volunteers to join the Board of Directors. Two directors, Clark Marshall and Deb Weide are completing their second terms and cannot run again. We also have opportunities for one three year term, one two year term, and two one year terms. If you have an interest in supporting the future of this great local asset and helping set future priorities, and if you are a lakeshore owner, please consider joining us. Please contact Wayne Brezina at 527-0009, Lee Uglem at 546-6119, Clark Marshall at 546-7244, or Deb Weide at 546-6749. We will also be looking for volunteers for activities like Highway 210 cleanup, water quality testing, and for the annual boat/pontoon parade.

Looking forward to spring on the lake,
Wayne Brezina, President SLA

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