New Years Greetings From SLA

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Please Report Wayward Bouys

Lee Uglem wrestling a wayward buoy out if the water. Remember to report buoys that are missing, in the wrong place or washed ashore.

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SLA Social – October 3, 2015

About 20 people attended the SLA social gathering at the Spaulding on Saturday. More social events will be planned next year.

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Serpent Lake Sunset – submitted by Roberta Otto

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For Your Information – And Attention

Serpent Lake Association Board of Directors


We currently have two vacancies on the Board of Directors for our lake association; one position is for a one-year term and the other is for a two-year term. The BOD meets once per month on the second Saturday of the month in Deerwood. Attendance at every meeting is not expected, especially if you are a seasonal resident. If you think you might be interested in filling one of these positions, please contact board president, Lee Uglem (218-838-8351).

THANK YOU to Our Membership Chairperson

Debbie Leonard puts in countless hours keeping our membership information up-to-date! It is a HUGE job, and she handles it well. Thank you Debbie for all your hard work! (Keep her busy by joining the lake association and updating your information!)

Thank You to Our Festival Volunteers!

Thank you to Denny Recknor, Lee Uglem, Danno Mahoney and Brad Hanes for helping at the Deerwood Summerfest booth, and to Lee Uglem and Mary Kuhlman for helping at Heritage Days in Crosby. The SLA booth is part of our ‘education program’ required by the BWSR grant.

Serpent Lake Tote Bags

Our tote bags have been selling well this year. We currently have about 10 left in a variety of colors for $25. They make great birthday, Christmas or hostess gifts! Interested? Call Ellen Uglem 218-866-0012.

Serpent Lake Directories

Getting the new directory updated, ready for publication and printed is a huge job! We have decided to postpone the directory until the spring of 2016 to allow those who are selling advertising and putting together the new information more time. You will be provided a FREE directory delivered by your Zone Leader in May, 2016, if your membership is current. Directories are valuable resources to help locate and contact lakeshore property owners.

Directory Advertising

Thank you in advance to Brad Hanes, Jack Krause, and Margo and Dean Sodahl who have stepped up to sell advertising for the directory. They could use more help! Would you volunteer? If you know of someone who would like to place an ad in the SLA directory, please contact Lee Uglem at 218838-8351 or

Facebook and

We continue to have more and more interest in our social media sites online. Please check out the information and pictures that are regularly posted by Scott Berg (FB) and Wayne Brezina (website). If you have pictures of Serpent, feel free to share them with Scott ( and Wayne ( for posting on our sites.


Remember, we pay about $250 for each buoy that needs replacement. As you may have noticed, some of them look pretty tough and need to be replaced. If you would like to donate funds for buoy replacement, please indicate your desire on your tax deductible check. Thanks again to Oars ‘N Mine for their commitment to placing and removing the buoys, and to Lee Uglem who recovers buoys that are blown off course during the summer and moves buoys to better locations as the water levels change. Please notify Lee if you see a buoy that has blown ashore or is in need of repair.

Licensing Your Boat

All motorized watercraft (regardless of length) and nonmotorized watercraft (over 10 feet) must be licensed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The types of watercraft that must be licensed include, but are not limited to, motorboats, rowboats, sailboats, sailboards, stand-up paddleboards, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, rowing shells or sculls, all-terrain vehicles used in the water and inflatable craft.

Life Jacket Requirements

The following are life jacket requirements in Minnesota:  State law requires children under 10 years old to wear a life jacket while a boat is underway. A readily accessible and wearable life jacket is required for each person onboard a boat, this includes canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and waterfowl boats. One Type IV throwable is required on boats 16 feet or longer (except canoes and kayaks) and must be immediately available. Personal watercraft operators and passengers must each wear a life jacket.

Personal Watercraft Laws

Personal watercraft must travel at slow no-wake speed (5mph or less) within 150 feet of non-motorized boats, shore (unless launching or landing skiers directly to or from open water), docks, swim rafts, swimmers, or any moored or anchored boat. Operation of personal watercraft is allowed only from 9:30 a.m. to 1 hour before sunset. You may not weave through congested watercraft traffic, or jump the wake of another watercraft within 150 feet of the other watercraft. This includes other personal watercraft.

Serpent Lake Association Board of Directors


Lee Uglem

Bruce Butler

Pat Norby

Jeanne Stanton

Brad Hanes


Glen Vanic

Deb Leonard

Dean Sodahl




Sally McCollister

Al Schiffler

Dennis Bowles

Bob Swanson

Dennis Recknor

Board of Directors List

Brad Hanes …………… 612-414-3244

Robert Swanson ……. 218-546-2855

Al Schiffler………………

Glen Vanic …………… 920-254-1467

Jeannie Stanton …….. 612-919-0046

Pat Norby………………..

Sally McCollister ….. 218-534-3020

Lee Uglem ……………. 218-838-8351

Dean Sodahl …………. 218-546-6732

Dennis Recknor …….. 952-201-1111

Deb Leonard ………… 218-534-9274

Dennis Bowles ……… 218-820-1764

Bruce Butler …………. 218-718-4067

Zone Leaders List

Zone 1

Barb Schiffler 218-527-0086

Zone 2

Bruce Butler 218-718-4067

Zone 3

Bruce Butler 218-718-4067

Zone 4

Jean/Adrian Olson 218-546-5497

Zone 5

Nancy Ravnik 218-545-1496

Zone 6

Audrey Birklid 218-851-2868

Zone 7

Sue Barutt 218-546-6824

Zone 8

Jeanne Stanton 612-919-0046

Zone 9

Lee Uglem 218-838-8351

Zone 10 Paul Tesdahl 218-546-5036

Zone 11 Dan Goodwin 218-534-3721

Zone 12 Brenda Cummings 320-420-7575

Zone 13 Barb/Bill Smrekar 763-360-7727

Zone 14 Jane Spalj 612-875-0591

Zone 15 Doug and Judi Leet 507-382-8496

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