Bumper Stickers

This is an SLA fundraiser. Bumper stickers are available for $10 each. Contact Ellen Uglem 218-866-0012.
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Tote Bags

Tote bags are available for $25 in lime, tangerine, plum, pink, red and loden green. They are sturdy and a great size for the boat! Contact Ellen Uglem 218-866-0012.
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Serpent Lake Association – Call for Volunteers

Hello Lake Residents!  We are hoping to get our 2015 Serpent Lake Association Directory put together and printed in the next 6 weeks, but we need some serious volunteer help! Thank you to our 15 zone leaders who have been working to update all information of lake residents.  If you have not been contacted by your zone leader, or if you have not returned a call from your zone leader, please get in touch with them to update your address, phone, etc.  A list of zone leaders was in the last Water Watch which is online on our website  www.serpentlake.org.

We need at least 4 volunteers to sell the local advertising.  This advertising  pays for the directory. A  list of local merchants and the advertising  forms will be provided to those who are willing to help call on our local merchants. Until this gets done, we are unable to move forward with the directory.  It would be great if at least 4 peoplevolunteered to take on this task. The more people who volunteer, the easier it will be to get the job done!  If you are willing to help, please respond to this email [uglem@charter.net]. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Are You Missing Something?

Not much damage on Serpent from Sunday night’s storm. However this raft washed ashore near Crosby park bay. Anyone recognize it?

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Serpent Lake Tote Bags and ‘Preserve Serpent Lake’ Bumper Stickers

There are still tote bags available in a variety of bright colors for $25 and


bumper stickers for $10. They make great gifts and are fund-raisers for the association. Contact Lee Uglem (218-838-8351) if you are interested in purchasing them. Please see the website and our Facebook page for pictures of these items.

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