The Serpent Lake Association serves as a communication vehicle to educate and inform, monitor water quality and clarity, install and remove safety buoys, serve as a liaison between government agencies (village, city, county, township, and state) and lakeshore residents in matters that pertain to our lake and community.

In recent years, the association has also had to respond to the threat of the invasive species, curly leaf pond weed. Because of a significant infestation, and the lack of state funds to treat it, the association has had to embark on fundraising efforts to pay for treatment and control. This effort is likely to continue into the future while we are also on the lookout for evidence of other infestations now present in nearby lakes.  

All donations received are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Please click on the “Donate” button  to make a donation today!

There are also times where the association will attempt in selling products to aid in the fundraising efforts.  Below are pictures of items that are for sale currently or have been for sale in the past.  If you are interested in any of the products currently for sale, please contact [email protected].