Fishing on Serpent Lake

Over the years, fishing on Serpent Lake has been an activity enjoyed by many.  Here are some pictures of the fish caught on the water.

Fisheries 2014 – Here is a publication of the Minnesota DNR conducting a fish population assessment.

Steve Hartl with a Walleye from Serpent Lake

Steve Hartl with a 27″ walleye, caught and released.

This young lady caught a fish almost as big as her!!

Bob Hoeft's wife Barb is proud of her catch.

Barb Hoeft displays a nice catch.

Bob Hoeft’s grandson Owen displays a big Northern, before tossing it back in Serpent Lake.

This bass didn’t smell me coming!

Barb Hoeft and grandson Quentin Tschofen caught more than just fish.

A happy angler on Serpent Lake