2017 Carhartt College Classic

On August 14th-17th, Serpent Lake was the location of the 2017 Carhartt College Classic, hosted by Bass Pro Shops.  A total of eight fisherman took to the waters early Monday morning in competition to catch the highest weight of bass.  The location was unknown to the fisherman until the Saturday before the competition.

Ronnie Moore Top Left: 1st place Bryan College, Jake Lee and Jacob Foutz Top Right: 2nd place Bethel University, Cole Floyd and Carter McNeil Bottom Left: 3rd place Chico State, Tyler Firebaugh and Chad Sweitzer Bottom Right: 4th place Bethel University, John Garrett and Brian Pahl

Before spending their day on the water, all competitors could be found at the public water access at Crosby Memorial Park.  They spent time setting up their boats and reels before having a meeting and prayer.

Throughout the three day competition, you could see the competitors on their boats with a camera crew.  The footage from the competition will be aired on ESPN sometime in September.  After a long three days and some tough competition, only one winner prevailed.

Final bracket of the 2017 Carhartt College Classic

Results of the final two contenders

If you would like more information about the tournament, to see more photos, and to follow along with other events, please visit their website https://www.bassmaster.com/tournaments/2017-college-classic-bracket.