News from Serpent Lake

Dear SLA Members, 

The spring of 2022 is taking its sweet time getting to us. Hopefully we will have open water again in the next few weeks. We have contracted again with PLM to do our spring Curly Leaf Pondweed treatments. When the ice goes off we will be looking at areas that have been identified with the CLP weeds. Those areas will be checked first.

We are looking for lake owners who have their boats in the water early to help check the waters around their property. The CLP weeds are the first to appear from the lake bottom. If you see CLP reach out to us with your address and weed locations. The distance from shore and right left of center of property. Note the photo below to help identify CLP.

We have other pondweeds that are good weeds that we do not treat, only the CLP weeds. We have hired this year Freshwater Scientific Services to review our locations and help map the areas in need of treatments.

We have been doing a great job keeping the CLP in control. We want to make sure that we locate it if other areas happen to have it.

Thank you!

Jerry Hartl – SLA President